RH45 Rhodium


RH45 is a creative project born in the trendy markets of London town.

Since launching in 2013, RH45 has been on a mission to create a lifestyle brand that is rebellious yet sophisticated for the modern man. Every piece is hand made in Italy and sold throughout the world in luxurious stores and online destinations including Germany, Italy and the UK.

Joshua, the creative director of RH45 studied menswear design at the London College of Fashion. During his studies, he set up his own fashion stalls in the markets of Spitalfields and Portobello as a weekend hobby. This sparked inspiration for RH45 and over the course of three years the brand is continuing to break barriers in contemporary fashion.

RH45 continues to grow and fans include Irish band The Script who dressed in RH45 throughout their 2014 World Tour and more recently wear the brand in their music video for the hit song No Good In Goodbye.

To get involved find RH45 on Facebook Instagram and Twitter

To shop the looks online see Vinicio Boutique and Mientus

To join the movement visit the RH45 website


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